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The scene you can't do

Wow - the force of Welles' personality always shines through on camera.  Watch this fascinating interview with him.  He makes a wonderful observation that in a great role, there is always a scene that even a great actor can't do.

Orson Welles interview


Pronounce What??

As I do more and more audio books, I run across more and more pronunciation resources - or have them suggested to me.

Recently I completed a book of essays on the intersection of faith and science, and let me tell you, it was a challenge.  Each author gave a short history of their particular field, and seemed to delight in using large, arcane words.  From ancient Latin and Persian to modern scientific processes and techno-babble, this book had it all.

As it turns out...one of my best sources was of the flesh-and-blood type.  My Italian friend Stefano helped with the Italian names, my French-speaking friend Abby helped in her area of expertise, and my big fat Greek Pastor Bill helped with the ancient and modern Greek (ok, he's neither big, nor fat...but he is Greek, and a pastor).  ...and no, I won't give out their phone numbers :)

In place of that, however, here's a few more internet resources I've been availing myself of:

Tufts University Latin Site - for all your Latin needs

Japanese - for your next character from the land of the rising sun

Asian names - a general searchable database for Asian names

French Audio Dictionary - 'nuff said

Bible words - Methuse-wha?

More Invasion of the Celebrities

Maybe I'm just not that familiar with the voice of Zach Braff, but this Slate.com article really rips him a new one:

Brow Beat: Zach Braff

Do you want this man selling you products? Do you want this man selling you products?

The author references this Cottonelle commercial as the epitome of badness:


Confirmation Monkey

Don't look at the code behind the curtain....


A Narrator's Dream Machine?

Source: Gizmodo Source: Gizmodo

This just in: a new drool-worthy piece of tech that I want yesterday.  In short, it's a two-sided tablet type computer that has multi-touch capability.  The down-side, it's from Microsoft....but maybe they have some new employees on the usability side.

Here's where it might come in for voice talent: some voice over artists like to read their copy off of a monitor, whether to save paper or for easy scrolling.  This can be tricky, however, since it will involve running cables into your booth; a monitor cable, and probably a mouse/keyboard cable as well.  With this device, I would imagine loading up a PDF or Word doc and flipping through the pages would be a dream...very quite page turns, and you're saving the environment.  Plus it looks like there would be very easy highlighting/note-taking functionality with the stylus.

The downside is that this would be purely a "reader."  With a cabled in monitor you could also edit in-studio, like this example.

Check out the nifty video example in the full article over at Gizmodo:

Microsoft's secret tablet
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