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OverDrive for the iPod

iPods get new tasty DRM-free audiobooks! iPods get new tasty DRM-free audiobooks!

I'm seeing a lot of chatter about this lately: Overdrive is dropping the DRM on some of their audiobook titles, which will make them compatible with the iPod and iPhone platforms.  If I'm understanding this correctly, it means that users will be able to download DRM free audiobooks to their ipod.  I guess the desktop client version of Overdrive is what you need to do this....

There's an article here.

Some good blog coverage with comments by a libraian here.

And here's a blog specifically on audiobooks on iPods

While this is great for end-users, I wonder if the publishers are worried about pirating.  Strike that - I know they're worried about pirating.  One of the audiobooks that I've narrated pops up as a torrent when you Google my name...so I know people are doing it.  And this particular title has a smaller audience, I can't imagine how quickly a Dan Brown book would be up on the Pirate Bay.  We'll see how this shakes out, I'm interested in keeping an eye on it.

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