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Classic movie voice overs

From Mental Floss:

Here's a great listing of classic voice overs from movies.  Movies like Good Fellas and American Psycho, amont others.  As this blogger notes, I too have heard voice-over in movies referred to as a cop-out, or a film-makers shortcut of telling us instead of showing us.  I see where that comment comes from, but in the end game I disagree, as we in the voice over industry knows a voice alone can tell a profound story, and just because a voice is speaking doesn't mean it's "merely" telling you something.  It could be hiding, subversive; a character unto itself.  My question would be: "is the voice over written well?"  Does it advance the story?  Or is it truly an excuse for poor story telling?

Here's one of their examples from StreetWise, a 1984 documentary: (skip to 1:02)

Check out their full list with more examples:

Mental Floss Movie Voice Overs

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