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VO 2015 - an Infographic

My voice over work covers such a wide range of industries and types, I thought it would be fun to visualize everything in the form of an infographic.  I'll be sharing this with current and potential clients, as well as my agents friends.  

The 2015 Voice Over Infographic!  How can I help your business grow?

Click to see the image in higher resolution!


Kettle Pizza Insert ad

Once in a while I get cast in such a fun gig I just have to share it.  This came through a wonderful agent of mine and was an absolute delight to record.  The specs called for "a dorky dad doing his best Barry White impression."  I definitely have the dorky dad part down, so I gave it my best shot and won the gig!

Ladies and gentlemen, warm up your sexy pizza ovens, because here is the Kettle Pizza Insert!


The Ultimate Recording Computer?

Many people in the voice over industry complain about the loudness of computers and hard drive fans.  You're trying to create the quietest environment possible, and here your computer's fan sounds like a leaf blower on steroids.  Most people, such as myself, keep their computer outside the booth, so the fan sound isn't really an issue.  Nevertheless, on my last setup I still installed a custom low-noise fan just to help keep the db down.  Some people record with their computer or hard drive in the booth with them, but then they need to make sure they're using a fanless computer and/or a SSD.

I've heard of "extreme PC cooling" before - submerging computers in oil (yes, I'm serious), running ice cold water tubes all over them, etc...but this one made my jaw drop, the creator claims it's "0 db," it uses water cooled tubes, and it's built with copper!  Perhaps a little overkill for my needs, but I like the steampunk!

Found via: PC World, a Great 10 Picture Slideshow


New Audio Book Website!

I just launched my new audio book focused website:  www.adamvernernarrator.com, with a new logo and great content!  This will be a place where I can interact with listeners and fans more easily.  There's a newsletter signup and blog there, as well, check it out!



Newtown Review

Recently I was priveldged to narrate Newtown for Tantor Audio, a powerful look into the shootings in Conneticut last December.  Publisher's Weekly recently reviewed the audio book and shares some nice comments:

Newtown: An American Tragedy

Matthew Lysiak, read by Adam Verner. Tantor Media, unabridged, six CDs, 7 hrs., $34.99 ISBN 978-1-4526-1821-0

Lysiak goes into the heart of the Newtown massacre to try to recreate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School and why. He explores the lives of the victims, the survivors, and the killer. His balanced approach avoids blaming in lieu of identifying the various dynamics at work and the issues that allowed for the event to occur. Narrator Verner turns in a winning performance, his voice conveying appropriate emotion while still presenting the material in clear manner. Verner provides subtle voices for dialogue but infuses them with accurate feeling. Additionally, he wisely avoids melodrama when describing the massacre. The audiobook also includes an insightful interview with Lysiak. A Gallery hardcover. (Dec.)